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May 31, 2010

Pretty Funny

It is pretty funny to me that girls (especially my lovely GF) splurge on shoes, handbags, make ups, clothing, nail polish, hair, ETC..ETC.. But when I went home one day with new plasma TV and PS3 after getting my yearly bonus! She said " You could have saved the money for us to go holiday this year!!" and continue to nag me for HOURS until I buy her a new branded bag. Seriously, is this women tactic to get gifts or what??

And to make it funnier, she is now addicted to the PS3 and now I have to buy games that are meant for 2 players instead of just one because if not I think she will make me buy branded shoes this time.


May 30, 2010

Who I Was.

I'm transformed. I used to be very emotional. I scarred myself. I enjoyed the pain. Nobody knows about it. Not my parents. Not my wife.
When she asked me about my scars I said I got them during a fight. I want to forget but the scars always remind me of who I was.


If we broke up it is not because I don't think you love me.
It is because I think you don't love me enough

May 29, 2010

I Don't

My boyfriend help picked up my little cousins and dropped them off at my house. I was still inside and he simply told them to get down from the car and when he reversed, he almost ran over my 3 year old cousin. Good thing I came out just in time to stop him. Of course my first reaction would be angry, because how could he be so careless? He could have dropped them and made sure they went inside the house. He had my house keys!

When I scolded him, he said he knows that the toddler was behind the car and he didn't.....

Anonymous says: Dear you missed something on the last part.. and the title as well?

How Innocent

I used to be naive. I know a lot of people but I don't have much friends. Until I come to the big city. I had a housemate name K. Her look is okay, but she have lotsa friends. Her personality maybe. She taught me a lot about discovering myself. And I guess I did learn a thing or two. She advised me to get to know more people. Mingle around open up. And I did. But I took the wrong advice.

I'm not sure how people view me. But I don't think I'm ugly. I have no BF but every one does. So I started to think maybe there is something wrong with me. I started chatting online a lot. And I get to know S. He was so charming. We went out for the first time. Not as handsome as Brad Pitt but he sure know how to talk. Has a nice car. Tough body. Face could come later I figured. Before our second date he always call me. And after few weeks he asked me out again for our second date. Which I honestly and innocently believe gonna be a date.

After dinner,movies and all the usual he asked me whether I want to go Genting with him that night. Since I never been into one I could be his lucky charm in the Casino he said. I refused to, thinking I'm underage and all. And yes I was just turning 19 years old. But I caves in.(Surprisingly I managed to enter) I went up with him because he said he will book 2 singles in one room. Boy... how innocent I was. Everything went well. We slept around midnight on a different bed. Until few hours later I wake up with him beside me begging me for SEX! I freaked out. But he assured me everything will be fine. He plead for hours. AND once more I stupidly believes! I lost my V to him. There was no blood.

On the way back he hold my hand til we reach my home. I thought he will be my BF and how wrong I was AGAIN for the third time! He called me that night telling me not to get my hopes up. He don't want to be in committed relationship with me because he scared he will hurt me since I'm too young for him. (The age gap was 11 years) Well you did ASSHOLE! When I told him I was a virgin when I have sex with him he said I was lying.

A pricey lesson for me indeed! Young girls don't fall to easy even if he is your BF. Virginity is something you can never get back. Ladies use your instinct. Women instinct might be wrong at times but better than be sorry.

Female Dog

I have this freaking annoying classmate in college! Who thinks she is everything! Literally. But no doubt she is pretty. Gorgeous body. Carrying LV, Prada, etc to class. But hell she always look down on people! And believe me..she is definitely not the smartest thing on earth.

It goes like this, for assignment we have to be in a group of 5. Unfortunately, during that day 3 of our classmates were absent. So this girl came to my group and want to join us. We agreed. The annoying part that make me wanna slap her is " Eh, since XX is not here today, can you tell her that our group is full and please sms ZZ than she is in our group k."

XX is her best friend! Both are bimbo of course but how can she dump her friend like that?? ZZ is no doubt a nerd and will be helping us a lot in out project. But XX is her BEST FRIEND! Geezz...
Some friend I guess.

May 27, 2010

Where Do You Get The Idea?

I'm not pointing finger. But I seriously don't understand where 'THEY' get the idea that the girls in Malaysia are cheap?!?!?!?!

Seriously??? The club 'THEY' treat us like we are nobody's girlfriend. Outside 'THEY' treat us like we are some kind of whore.

Who do you think you are?? ! When 'YOU' got one cheap flesh outside doesn't mean the rest of us are the same!

May 26, 2010

The Obvious

I know this might be obvious for some guys or girls but I just couldn't figure it out for myself. I have a GF she is pretty, slender and have very high confidence in me.

The problem is...
The confidence is only in front of other people. In front of me she is so insecure. She always think that she is not good enough.Fat.Ugly.etc....Sometimes I really got tired with all the whining. Why can't she be confident in front of me as she is in front of everybody else?

She is OBVIOUSLY pretty enough. I have no idea where she get the idea that she is ugly and fat. For God sake!

Tell me????

May 24, 2010

Am I Jealous or What?

I always feel so guilty talking bad about A coz he is my close cousin. But since this is anonymous I think I can tell the story here.

A was born a rich boy. He has everything he wants in this world. I am by birth a very very jealous person but there was never once that i felt jealous of him. We are the same age and find each other a great play date. Most of the time.Growing up I never thought of him any bad ways but recently things got out of hands, a lot.

He has a lot kind of obsessions. I couldn't name all here but let me tell you his obsessions are a real waste of money. I know when someone has a hobby and they are dedicated to it but his ways are wrong.

He is still studying and he already spent close to RM10k for his 'hobby items'. And where does all this money comes from? His parents. Until this age, 22, he still don't understand how hard it is to earn money. He doesn't have any obligations in life. He has a car but doesn't need to pay for the petrol. Heck, the car was bought with cash by his parents too.

He only worked once, for a day and he counts that as working experience. Whenever he needs something, he will just say a few words to his parents and his parents will give the money to buy whatever he wants. Even for his money-wasting 'hobby'. They actually encouraged him!!

I feel it's so wrong for parents to spoil their kids like that!!! He doesn't understand how hard is it to earn money from a secure job. Even if you are rich (seriously his family is averagely rich, not awesomely rich), you still need to learn the facts of life and money won't rain down on you like that when you are alone in the future!!

And the worst part is, he thinks he is the most unlucky and sad person in the world. He is so depressed sometimes I feel like asking him, WHY ARE YOU SO DEPRESSED? WHAT ARE YOU DEPRESSING ABOUT???

Sigh. Am I being jealous or just rational? At one point I feel really sad for him because he cannot work for Christ sake. His attitude is too proud and snobbish. His future employer will fire him in a month! But another part of me says, serves him right for being a brat at this age!

Hmm.. I guess I can stick my nose to other people's business too much. I will just let him be. Maybe he is lucky enough that everyone likes him in the working world and he will not have any problem with the future at all. Time will only tell.

My bf is Movie Freak

I have this very amazing boyfriend. He is my 1st bf ever, and he used to be a nerd. But now he looks so handsome, and he is very friendly, very ambitious, he knows what he wants, he has his target, goals and all. I can say, this is the man i want as my husband. Its gotta be him.

But 1 thing i really really hate about him. EVERY SINGLE TIME we went out, we MUST, REALLY REALLY have to watch movie. NO MATTER HOW LATE IT IS, even if the movie he wanted to watch is not available, we would watch even cartoon.

Man! I'm a busy person, a seller and a student. I love looking for business opportunity and watching movie is really wasting time (for me). Even if the story is nice, i got something better to do!

I\'ve told him many times that i think its a waste of time and money, but he will make that annoying-sad-face! Grrrr!

May 23, 2010


For starters, there is this guy, I used to be in a relationship with this guy. I really do love him and he loves me too. We are a couple that people call "the perfect couple". we hangout together, talk about everything and do pretty much everything. Everyone that knows us always say that we are perfect for each other. I almost believed that everything is going to be A-okay.

But, the problem is we have different religion. We both came from a strong belief in our religion, but we never make it a problem for us to enjoy life.

Until when his family starts to find out about our relationship, they strongly were against it until they pushed him into breaking up with me. I was devastated but i stayed strong because of him, he was giving me hope that one day we would be together. I was holding on to this invisible string for quite a while but i am okay with it.

Until! one of his siblings starts to make our relationship public by telling all the people that i was rejected by their family, that i am not good enough for them. I was so mad and embarrassed that i started to be mad at him which made our relationship becomes more cold. And what hurts me the most is that he didn't even fight for me.

This goes to show that we were not the so called "perfect couple"

I Hate You

Hate my mom's brother and his entire family!!! The father molested me when I was 8 and his son is trying to have his way with me! What am I??? Do I look like a whore to you?! I hope you die and burn in HELL!

May 21, 2010

Twisted Tangled

I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy. But sometimes having a relationship with a wonderful guy doesn't mean you have a wonderful relationship. I have been dying to share my feeling with my friend but I don't want them to have the wrong impression about me. What is worse than being a wh!#e in the eyes of your friend. So I keep it bottled up.

There is this one guy I used to go out before my current bf. We are like friends with benefits. I stop picking up his calls for 2 years. But one day I had a bad fight with my bf and at the right time he called. So I agreed to go out for supper with him. One thing leads to another. And now I keep seeing him. I can't stop. He is no doubt the best lover I ever had. But I love my bf. I'm twisted, tangled! I don't know what to do now. Imagine one person offer you cash $1mil and on the other hand a lottery ticket that will surely win the same amount.

What will you do if you are me?

I'm A Call Girl

I met A in a friend's birthday party not too long ago. Exchanged phone numbers, went out on few dates. We became an item.Everything went well. He was sweet and all. I thought he was into me. Well I can say I am.

Few weeks later I start to smell something fishy. Something was wrong. Every time I suggest that we should go to the cinema he would give excuses by saying he was tired, he got work to finished up, etc.. Instead he invited me to his house. We never do anything and never go anywhere aside from being in his room and went for dinner. Even dinner was somewhere really nearby. I never spend overnight at his home. NEVER!

So I tried to dig up. And at last I found out that he was actually pursuing his friend while seeing me. Im no more than a call girl to him. Then we broke up. I found out that he was never actually into me.