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Jul 7, 2010

Pubic Hair Anyone?

This is not my secret but I just to let my anger our anonymously.

I am a student. I rent a room and share toilet with others. All of us in the unit are girls but the others I supposed are aliens or some kind of Orang Utan! They don't know how to clean the bathroom after they used it. Worse still they don't even care if they leave their PUBIC HAIR every where! I talked to them few times on this matter. But it sems that they don't understand human language! 
It really disgust me every morning to have to see their PUBIC HAIR sitting on the toilet seat! It seem to interfere with my morning call as well. Disgusting girls!!!

Buyer trying to con Seller?

Squirting Juices said: 
Babe your stories supposed to be published in Slap  Me Why Dont You. Will email he on your behalf :)

Story of my life

 Is it only me? I usually do not tell people my secrets. Well, of course. Duh.
Well, I'm not a virgin. And I don't really want the whole world to know about it.
Its not something to be proud of.
But when I do tell it to a friend. Someone I think I can trust.
Occasionally, when topics like these come up, she'll always go like,
"Oops! I forgot you're not a virgin" or "Haha, not like you, so experienced." in like such a sarcastic way. Or when I said something that offended her, she'll dig up my stories and use it against me.
Sigh. Story of my life.