Sorry for the hiatus for nearly 2 months. Mus, is back now. Stories coming in really slow =(
Well people nothing happen recently? Well I'm here for the scoop =D

What Story?

Don't know what to write? This might help you =)

#Been cheated by BF??GF??
#Cheated on your spouse? fiancé?
#Met an assholes? angels?
#Funny stories at work? at school? in college?
#Had a Fucking bad day? good day?
#Your friend's secret you wish you never heard? Your secret you want to let out?
#Any stories any genre :) Now now.. No ghost stories okay..

In addition :)
To make this page more colourful and interesting.
You can send in photos that represent your emotions as well. The cons is you can't do it anonymously.
But pinky promise I will keep my lips sealed and hands tied up =D

Make sure you have the authority to distribute the photos ya and it is not under any copyright law.
Because me don't want to be held responsible ;)