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Sep 2, 2010

Horny Vs Committed Who win?

One night stand is pretty common. I seriously, can't understand how can a guy separate their lovey dovey commitment feeling with their horny and spermanizer attitude???
I admitted that I had one night stand before. Twice. The second one was a mistake. I was drunk and I was in a gay bar. How am I supposed to know that straight guy find their target in GAY bar as well!. Cut story short we contacted. Not much.Say hi every now and then. And then suddenly out of nowhere his status in Facebook change. He is in a relationship. When I asked he said he is serious with his current GF. I mean that fast????? He just had his fun with me less than a month and now in a committed relationship? Funny. And I tried to flirt with him forking out details. Conversation goes like this:
Me: Hey, now you have a gf already, so I can't see you anymore?
Him: Why not?
Me: I don't know. Are you serious with your gf?
Him: Yea.
Me: Will you sleep with me in the future?
Him: I will.
Me: I thought you are serious with that girl?
Him: Yes, but I don't want to dissapoint you.
Me: Ooookay~~~ So you won't disappoint me but it is okay to disappoint your gf?
Him: I scared you will be angry.

After that conversation I left speechless. Seriously! speechless! Sorry but I have to use this.. WTF is wrong with that guy?! Seriously. Where all the good men went? They exticnt already?

She Was So Shocked

The Juice I woke up quite late today, around 2 something. My bf called me and asked me to get ready and we were going to have lunch. I took a shower, but then got no time to dry my hair. After I finished my shower, my bf had been waiting with his friend (let's call him as ABC) in ABC's car.
So I have to be fast, really fast. I wore clothes, took my bag. My hair was still so wet. I couldn't find my small towel so I just opened the wardrobe and grabbed something - which was a tube. A white tube. I planned to dry or at least wipe my wet hair during the time when we were on the way to the restaurant. We arrived - I left the "towel" inside the car.
But when I back home, I forgot to take the "towel" and left it in the car. OMG. Here it is.
My bf back to his home. Then ABC was going to pick his girlfriend up. Could you imagine how shocked his gf was.... A tube inside her bf car! OMG. ABC called me and asked whether it was mine and I said Yes, and sooooo sorry. It was soooo embarrassing..
I guess I have no face to meet them anymore. The fact that I use a tube as a towel was the stupidest thing I've ever done. I apologize to ABC and his gf and they said it's okay. ABC told me that his gf was so shocked and I could read if she almost mad at him. (=.=)||| FML..

Jul 7, 2010

Pubic Hair Anyone?

This is not my secret but I just to let my anger our anonymously.

I am a student. I rent a room and share toilet with others. All of us in the unit are girls but the others I supposed are aliens or some kind of Orang Utan! They don't know how to clean the bathroom after they used it. Worse still they don't even care if they leave their PUBIC HAIR every where! I talked to them few times on this matter. But it sems that they don't understand human language! 
It really disgust me every morning to have to see their PUBIC HAIR sitting on the toilet seat! It seem to interfere with my morning call as well. Disgusting girls!!!

Buyer trying to con Seller?

Squirting Juices said: 
Babe your stories supposed to be published in Slap  Me Why Dont You. Will email he on your behalf :)

Story of my life

 Is it only me? I usually do not tell people my secrets. Well, of course. Duh.
Well, I'm not a virgin. And I don't really want the whole world to know about it.
Its not something to be proud of.
But when I do tell it to a friend. Someone I think I can trust.
Occasionally, when topics like these come up, she'll always go like,
"Oops! I forgot you're not a virgin" or "Haha, not like you, so experienced." in like such a sarcastic way. Or when I said something that offended her, she'll dig up my stories and use it against me.
Sigh. Story of my life.

Jun 30, 2010

Seriously Confused

I seriously don't know what to do. It's not a big problem actually. But.. here it is.
I have a guy friend. He just moved to Singapore to work. Well when I met him last few months, he kinda changed. The way he dressed, the way he talked. Previously back in my hometown (my high school friend) he dressed normally. As in not too outstanding that make you think he is gay.

He never talked about being in a relationship with any girl. Well I don't mind him being gay but if he is really gay, why he hide?? Come on! I am his best friend well for 10 years now!! For how long he can hide right? (If he is gay) I don't really know whether he is gay but all the clues leads to gay!! His facebook album pictures. NONE of them are girls! And all of them look gay!!! Gosh! And after our first meeting he always give excuses not to go out with me! Then back in college, he said he got gay admirers! As in stalker! I don't know if I am wrong or right, but so far gay guys only go after gay as well right?

I don't want to lose my friend. Please la if you are reading this, well he might... Just admit it!!! I can live with that and I will be happy if you are happy too! I AM YOUR FRIEND! I don't care that you are gay! ( Well I do, I'll try to adjust then) ARGHH!!!!


If I write the whole stories it will take a full page. Cut story short my bf helped me moved out last few weeks, Btw, my bf helps his dad in their family business. So in order to help me he have to lie to his father. And they caught him lying.
I understand if parents give comments on who their kids should date and just move on when the kid don't want to accept. But my boyfriend parents, especially dad, sabotaging my relationship by telling my boyfriend that he will find him some one new if he don't broke up with me. My oh my how much they hate me. 
Last time, whenever there were family events, I will be invited and I will be in the family pictures as well. But since shit happens they took down all the family photos that have my face in it.
Well, I think thats too much! You are not gonna accept me, well we see who wins! Dammit it! Why should this thing happen to me?!

Jun 18, 2010


I find it funny that the popular girls back from high school all turned out to be dumpy women now even though they're just in their early twenties. In retrospect, those who were less popular/geeky/or even ugly turned out to be hotties now. I'm glad I belong to the latter group and not the former one ;p

Jun 17, 2010


 Men will have wonderful wife by their side. To be there for them mentally and physically. In the end men will still go for bitches.

No offence to men or any wonderful wife but I've seen enough, bitches are just more attractive. And men will always be men with sperms to donate.

Jun 16, 2010

Hate It

I hate it when guys keep staring. I find it damn irritating! It's like they are trying to harassed you with that F!@#ing eyes! If you are interested in our boobs, our legs or whichever body parts you find to be arousing then please do it secretly! Will you like it if other guy stare at your sister or your mother the same way?

I Will Regret If I Don't

I've known this guy since 2007. I was once interested in him, but I had no clue why nothing happen. It so happened that he YM me last night asking for a hug. And I jokingly replied "ok come if you dare" ( he was engaged). He took it seriously. One thing led to another he actually wanted to see me and .... with me. Well, previously he had the chance to do it when we went for holiday alone. And both of us weren't attached. But he didn't. He said he 'love' me too much to do it with me.

Cut story short, I asked him why he suddenly wanted to make love to me and he said " he scared he will regret if he didn't do it before he got married"

Well some thinking there huh?
You can never reason guys out when it come to sex.

Jun 11, 2010

My Puppy Love Story

I had this BF way back in form 3. Yea.. puppy love they said. Well it took all the courage I had to actually wrote him a letter but I didn't put my name. It was anonymous. When I think about it now it was kinda funny. 

Well this guy was definitely not cutest but he is smart. 
I asked my friend to pass the letter to him in the morning and he will pass his reply back to my friend in the afternoon. We did this for almost 2 months. Then he tried to find out who I was. Of course it wasn't hard. I sat on few tables in front of him in the class =P. Next day after he found out who I was he actually bought me chocolates and a rose and put it under my desk. I was thrilled. It was my first love and I got it. We were together for few months. After form 3 he had to move to other state due to his parents job. I was devastated. In those days I have no internet connection at home and handphones were meant for adults only. So we communicate through snail mail. 
He sent me letter through my friend's address because whenever his parents saw my name they will throw his letter away. But after few months everything changed. His letters become lesser and lesser. One day I received a letter saying he wanted to break up. He said he was never that into me in the first place. Once more I got devastated. I cried for hours. He said he accepted me previously because he was afraid if he didn't, we couldn't be friends any longer. And he don't want those awkward moment. Since that day onwards I started to hate him. To me if you have another girl just tell. There is no need to find dumbass excuse.

Guess what, now it has been 7 years and he searched for my Facebook account. He didn't add any of our high school friends. Only me.
Though I don't really care but I'm happy to know that he failed in his current relationship. And I'm glad I can rub his face with all my gorgeous pictures in Facebook! 
Serve you right asshole!

Jun 10, 2010

His Stash

I've been keeping this for quite sometime already. Until I found out about this site. My BF and I have been together almost 3 years. We have been through a lot. He even popped out the question last month and we are planning for our big day next year. Yes, we slept together. I would say we had a great bedroom moment but I just don't understand why he still buy porn movies?!

When I confronted him he said we have no problem. But if there is no problem, if he was satisfied why he need those porns??

I'm Busy People

 I have this friend who is working oversea. She usually helps us to buy branded stuff like Gucci, LV, and coach online and send it over to Malaysia. We actually paid her extra just to tell her we appreciate her help since we can get the stuff cheaper than retail. But recently she refused to help by saying she is busy with work. In the end we found out that she actually set up an online blog to help people doing pre order.

Come on, if you want to sell to us according to the price you quote then just tell. There is no point on being so secretive. You want to do business we understand. Sigh....

Jun 7, 2010


 I hate me when I see you as a slut.
 I can't help it when that's how you make me feel. How much more do you think I can keep when all I wish for is to be far away from you! 
 It's hard to be home when home is a hell.
Tell me that everyone have their secret.Is yours same as mine? 

So that I feel I'm not alone. 
So that I know it is not unlucky.
Make me believe I'm one of you.
Tell me I'm not alone.

Jun 5, 2010


 when you say I love you because of your money do you realized you were after my beauty as well?
It's a fair trade to me.

To Know

To know what happy ending is you must have gone through hell.

To know what real love is you must have met enough lovers and realized love is not about getting goosebumps when you kiss. 
Its about you, them, us, I.

What To Catch Up?

While talking with my BF, he mentioned that he ran into his ex. The latest ex. Then he told me they went for lunch to catch up.  I know he is not cheating on me but I am still jealous. Because his ex is slimmer and prettier than I am. The thing is why need to catch up? She dumped him for her ex! Sometimes I just hate my BF for being so nice!

Jun 4, 2010

Time to grow up!

To you, whom I call my love.

There is a limit to how much I can tolerate your shit. I love you, but I love myself more. So clean up your act,suck it up, and grow up.

or I'll walk away.

Golden Apples

People always judge me even though they don't know me well enough. No doubt I am surrounded by so called good people. People who never curse or swear or wear sexy clothes or drink or club etc....It is absurd to jump into conclusion that I am the rotten apple when I wear sexy clothes, and girls who dress up 'conventionally' are the golden apples. If you judge me by how I dress well I guess you are no better than me.

Jun 3, 2010

Enemies in Disguise

Disclaimer: This is not a racist post!

Okay.. I admit that I am SPG. It stands for Sarong Party Girl if you don't know yet. It means Asian woman that prefers white guy. Still don't get it? Go and google. Well to me, it is a nicer way to call a girl 'slut'. I have this few friends who are anti-SPG. We love partying so I think they only need me to be their organizer. To arrange pick ups, send them back, invites guys etc.. I have a lot of local guy friends as well, through me they got to know more guys, get free drinks, etc.. I tried to be distanced but I guess they need me in college as well. So I'll shine on them.

When I confront them, they said I misunderstood them. When I heard it once, they maybe right but NOT for 4 times!!!! Two faced friends ! I can't believe how foolish I am before to believe that we were true friends!

Well bitches I have something for you!
If your going to be two faced, then at least make one of them pretty ;)

Just A Friend

I have this college friend who is kind and help you whenever you need it. She is also very generous, example, she wouldn't mind to pay for your meal once in a while, bought you expensive gifts considering she is still studying and all. But I really don't consider her my best friend nor my good friend only close friend, since I'm always with her. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I don't. And every time I feel like I don't like her is because she is very inconsiderate. She just simply say things without realizing that it hurts other people.

I tried to be patient. But at some point of time I reached my limit and eventually I blew up. She didn't even realize. Starting from that day onwards I talked exactly like her, without holding back. Make really annoying expression when she talked to me and I guess she got the hints. Now she is less outspoken but still occasionally annoying.

At least I didn't get high blood pressure too soon.

Ugly Boyfriend

Why do I think you're a slut?
You were too good to be a slut until you got together with him.
I mean, come on, he's ugly.

Jun 2, 2010

Use the Correct Head

If you think women are vagina that talks, think again with your head. But this time think with the head that actually have brain.

Angel Story

Previously, I was in love with a guy I met through a friend. Well, at first we were just a normal friend. I knew very well since the beginning that he is in a relationship. But things weren't so great between them. He will call me every night either for a normal chit chat or to share his feelings. Eventually, I started to like him. He did too, according to him. We even went out few times, just the two of us. I really thought we had something going on so I asked him to break up with his GF. He say he will but before he make any decision he will confront his GF. If she is willing to change then they will stay together and I will always be his good friend.

Unfortunately I don't like the way he think. I gave him countless reasons to break up but he stayed firm with his " wait and see" decision. I got so angry. On the same week my house-mate got a new BF. She keep on telling everyone on how great her new BF is. Jokingly I asked her to introduce any of her BF's friend to me. But my friend took it seriously. So she set a double date for us few days later. Lets call the friend B. B was really serious about the double date. He wanted to know me more. We went out for few weeks. I don't really like B. He was very quiet, or maybe because I like the other guy. Few weeks later still no decision from him, when B asked me to be his GF, I agreed. All I wanted to do is to get back on the other guy. I know I'm very selfish but at that point everything else doesn't matter.

It had been 2 years plus now. And I still think my decision on getting back on the other guy was the best decision I've ever made. It turns out that B is a very sweet man :) And I fall in love with him on the second month we were together. As for the other guy, he got heart broken. He broke up with his GF few months after that and found a new GF. And I will be attending his wedding end of this year.

I guess angels do exist =)


I'm not angry nor gonna tell any secret because this is no secret to my friends, family and colleagues as well as my 'beloved' boss. But I would love to share since sharing is caring *wink*.

I love to blog, well it is how I resolves my anger issues, demeaning job, depressing life..etc.. And bitching is my expertise. Well I guess my readers know that because all the comments I get from the cowardly anonymous in my blog were " you are such a spoilt bratt!" "all you do is bitch about people, you will go to hell" and bla...bla..bla..

My previous job was boring..I have to do the same damn thing every single day! The pay was good actually because my job is literally brain-less. I seriously think they should include "do whatever photocopying machine does. No brain needed." in the job description.

One day one of my colleague told me about his blog. How he got sponsored and all. Then me too, excitingly told him about mine. I told him that mine is more to personal life. Wrote my link on a paper and passed it to him. But that idiotic friend of my forget to dispose the paper.

The next morning, my boss called me into his office. I have absolutely no idea why. When he told me he read my blog yesterday I was so shocked! And he gave me 1 month notice to clear up my crap and leave the office!

Well, now I have a better job and right after I leave the company I bitch about him in my blog for the last time. Muahahah! Can't believe after 2 years I still bitch about him!

My Dirty Little Secret

Well this is a sharing space, and the best key is to do it anonymously. That's the point right:)? I like it the fact that everybody is trying to make that little blog space so that everybody can come share their stories or secrets, be it to b!tch about someone with their shopping online experience, or some other mis-perhaps. There's this song by American Rejects called "Dirty Little Secret" has that little meaning of writing all the secrets on a note-card and revealing it in the video..So I'm gonna do it in text..
My Dirty Little Secret is.... well it's nothing dirty actually:). Guess it's the little secret in everyone's heart that is forbidden to be revealed, hence, "the dirty little thing".
I don't know why but I've written about this story before. So probably I'll share it here again. Ehmm..alright first and foremost, I hate to tell this, but I do stereotype guys these days. No offense to the male species all over the world. I think basically "human" these days put on a 2-faced mask, it's worse when it comes to game called "L-O-V-E".
Not for the fainted heart, ey:)?

There's a quote, "how many of us actually get to marry the one?? Marriage is not entirely about love, but to compromise, tolerate and understand". Yes yes I do agree, but some where deep within me I actually intend to find and to marry the ONE, who doesn't??!
Alright enough of the bull, my love life has been a bummer ever since I can remember.

I think everybody has that little secret from within, maybe pretty girls get to hurt so much that they refused to talk about it, or they're just so immune to the pain that they have forgotten how to love? Pretty girls = more attraction = more perverts/jerks/sex maniacs = more risk (when you're trying to find a compatible person to date with).
So in the end, if you're not careful enough in finding the right person, you may ended up doing things that can scar you for life.

Guys these days there are a lot of players, they used all kinds of tactics to shower their love, their care, their affection, played hard to get and turned their cold shoulders on u, and boom, before you know it their very sole intentions are actually after your physical body when you're not even aware of it, NO:)?

Guess not much good men are left, or what is exactly wrong with the society? I'm not against sex really, but the theory behind the whole philosophy of human mankind against the definition of (s-e-x) is just so wrong.
Ever wondered why pretty girls are so materialistic that some actually preferred to hang around "fat and rich men"? Or ever wondered why pretty girls ended up with a "nerdy ugly jerk"..Hahah, that's cuz they know they can nvr find good man with good looks that actually comes with a good personality.

I've been scarred by players, maniacs, jerks, and my very own homosexual best friend. I'm beginning to find it hard to know what is the exact meaning behind real love because I just can't feel it anymore. There's no trust and I'm always so full of insecurity. For now, I have a very loving bf, but at times I really wonder if he's really the one, because I'm just so afraid. So that's my dirty little story. It's true though but I could keep on rambling forever with this because I know i'm not the only one experiencing the same problem.
Since it's getting lengthy here, I guess I should stop:).

To all the girls out there that have been scarred by men, be brave and be tough. Time will show, tell, and heal:).

Asshole Ex.

I was with this guy for over a year.
He was lying behind my back. As time passed, he started to be very ignorant and he wasn't exactly that good looking before. However, i groomed him up nicely and he's looking sexy as hell now.


His confidence built up sky high, and LEFT. Left me heartbroken like a dying puppy in a corner. After all that I've done... FYI , he needed me to spend on him most of the time as well.It's not that i was stupid to like him before.
It's just that, i saw something genuine in him.Well he WAS.


How many times have we girls hear that saying?
The thing about men is, when they THINK they have it all, they forget where they came from, and live an AWESOME LIFE, till they come crashing down again.
THEN, they will come begging back.
Well, all I can say when he comes back is,
Screw you, asshole.
You ruined my life once, hell no I'm gonna let you ruin it again for the second time.
I wanted to say f**k so badly, but i was afraid the author of the blog wasn't gonna approve it. Haha.
As the saying goes,
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me!

Anonymous says: LOL, well f**k is much better version =P

Asshole Friend of Mine

I have this friend which i knew since secondary school. There's only one thing i got from knowing her - endless regrets. Actually, she has this social problem since secondary school time. She'd either explode (emotionally) as she didn't get to gain enough attention, or people were just plain ignoring her as she has this attitude problem. She likes to control people and hate being told that she made mistakes. She hate to be criticized (as in like being given constructive criticism), she's not humble, she likes to boast around while we all knew that she's not that cool at all. She likes to talk very loudly and treat other ppl like idiot assholes. But, I just couldn't understand why, why, why me the one who'd uhm be misunderstood as her true friend.

She'd tell her disgusting stories with guys (when in fact, they're trying their best to run away from her), 'cause I don't see them liking her/have any interest in her, but she misunderstood them.
She kept telling me why that people can't seem to see her good part? as in her strength but only on her negative part. Now, you tell me what to say? I'm being put in very awkward situation. Friends have been reminding me not to get her to our occasional party while she on the other side kept asking if there is any party going on etc.

In the past few years, I have been feeling sick enough of she taking advantage of me, criticising the shit out of me, and making fun of me. me being kind, and getting her some friends, in the end having her to talk bad behind me. I have had enough. but too bad, she didn't know and will not know, that she sucks big time, perhaps till the end of her day, she'll still think that ppl is mistreating her, and she's the real angel that nobody sees!

Jun 1, 2010

Why Baby Why?

3 days ago I tried on three different outfits and asked my boyfriend which one he liked best. He said he like all of them. And when I asked him " Baby do I look pretty?" He will say " It's okay."
For the past few years we have been dating he always give the same damn answer! Sometime I really get annoyed!

It's nice that he didn't criticized me, but he didn't give me any help. If he is my boyFRIEND I need him to fulfill some of the 'friend' part of that word. I want him to be honest and get honest opinion. I rather he laugh at me at home then let everyone see me looking ugly outside the house!

Then he will reply the same old answer " Ok is the safest answer ma"

Girls, tell me should I kick him in the nuts???


I've been studying in KL for over 3 years. It's one of the professional qualification. I bet, you can roughly guess which one. The problem is I'm almost over my 'graduation' age. I feel very depressed about it. No doubt I've been playful and not studying very well. The thing I don't like is everyone look down on me! I failed... so? There is no need for you to talk behind my back!

" What happen to her? I'm also playful but I'm finishing my degree soon"

Just to let you know. The course that I'm studying is different from your degree level! I might be in denial but if you think you are so great why don't you do my course? Why do you have to do some cheapskate degree and boast about it?! If you pass everything within one sitting then you can start talking! When I'm looking for job people will still hire me over you!

May 31, 2010

Pretty Funny

It is pretty funny to me that girls (especially my lovely GF) splurge on shoes, handbags, make ups, clothing, nail polish, hair, ETC..ETC.. But when I went home one day with new plasma TV and PS3 after getting my yearly bonus! She said " You could have saved the money for us to go holiday this year!!" and continue to nag me for HOURS until I buy her a new branded bag. Seriously, is this women tactic to get gifts or what??

And to make it funnier, she is now addicted to the PS3 and now I have to buy games that are meant for 2 players instead of just one because if not I think she will make me buy branded shoes this time.


May 30, 2010

Who I Was.

I'm transformed. I used to be very emotional. I scarred myself. I enjoyed the pain. Nobody knows about it. Not my parents. Not my wife.
When she asked me about my scars I said I got them during a fight. I want to forget but the scars always remind me of who I was.


If we broke up it is not because I don't think you love me.
It is because I think you don't love me enough

May 29, 2010

I Don't

My boyfriend help picked up my little cousins and dropped them off at my house. I was still inside and he simply told them to get down from the car and when he reversed, he almost ran over my 3 year old cousin. Good thing I came out just in time to stop him. Of course my first reaction would be angry, because how could he be so careless? He could have dropped them and made sure they went inside the house. He had my house keys!

When I scolded him, he said he knows that the toddler was behind the car and he didn't.....

Anonymous says: Dear you missed something on the last part.. and the title as well?

How Innocent

I used to be naive. I know a lot of people but I don't have much friends. Until I come to the big city. I had a housemate name K. Her look is okay, but she have lotsa friends. Her personality maybe. She taught me a lot about discovering myself. And I guess I did learn a thing or two. She advised me to get to know more people. Mingle around open up. And I did. But I took the wrong advice.

I'm not sure how people view me. But I don't think I'm ugly. I have no BF but every one does. So I started to think maybe there is something wrong with me. I started chatting online a lot. And I get to know S. He was so charming. We went out for the first time. Not as handsome as Brad Pitt but he sure know how to talk. Has a nice car. Tough body. Face could come later I figured. Before our second date he always call me. And after few weeks he asked me out again for our second date. Which I honestly and innocently believe gonna be a date.

After dinner,movies and all the usual he asked me whether I want to go Genting with him that night. Since I never been into one I could be his lucky charm in the Casino he said. I refused to, thinking I'm underage and all. And yes I was just turning 19 years old. But I caves in.(Surprisingly I managed to enter) I went up with him because he said he will book 2 singles in one room. Boy... how innocent I was. Everything went well. We slept around midnight on a different bed. Until few hours later I wake up with him beside me begging me for SEX! I freaked out. But he assured me everything will be fine. He plead for hours. AND once more I stupidly believes! I lost my V to him. There was no blood.

On the way back he hold my hand til we reach my home. I thought he will be my BF and how wrong I was AGAIN for the third time! He called me that night telling me not to get my hopes up. He don't want to be in committed relationship with me because he scared he will hurt me since I'm too young for him. (The age gap was 11 years) Well you did ASSHOLE! When I told him I was a virgin when I have sex with him he said I was lying.

A pricey lesson for me indeed! Young girls don't fall to easy even if he is your BF. Virginity is something you can never get back. Ladies use your instinct. Women instinct might be wrong at times but better than be sorry.

Female Dog

I have this freaking annoying classmate in college! Who thinks she is everything! Literally. But no doubt she is pretty. Gorgeous body. Carrying LV, Prada, etc to class. But hell she always look down on people! And believe me..she is definitely not the smartest thing on earth.

It goes like this, for assignment we have to be in a group of 5. Unfortunately, during that day 3 of our classmates were absent. So this girl came to my group and want to join us. We agreed. The annoying part that make me wanna slap her is " Eh, since XX is not here today, can you tell her that our group is full and please sms ZZ than she is in our group k."

XX is her best friend! Both are bimbo of course but how can she dump her friend like that?? ZZ is no doubt a nerd and will be helping us a lot in out project. But XX is her BEST FRIEND! Geezz...
Some friend I guess.

May 27, 2010

Where Do You Get The Idea?

I'm not pointing finger. But I seriously don't understand where 'THEY' get the idea that the girls in Malaysia are cheap?!?!?!?!

Seriously??? The club 'THEY' treat us like we are nobody's girlfriend. Outside 'THEY' treat us like we are some kind of whore.

Who do you think you are?? ! When 'YOU' got one cheap flesh outside doesn't mean the rest of us are the same!

May 26, 2010

The Obvious

I know this might be obvious for some guys or girls but I just couldn't figure it out for myself. I have a GF she is pretty, slender and have very high confidence in me.

The problem is...
The confidence is only in front of other people. In front of me she is so insecure. She always think that she is not good enough.Fat.Ugly.etc....Sometimes I really got tired with all the whining. Why can't she be confident in front of me as she is in front of everybody else?

She is OBVIOUSLY pretty enough. I have no idea where she get the idea that she is ugly and fat. For God sake!

Tell me????

May 24, 2010

Am I Jealous or What?

I always feel so guilty talking bad about A coz he is my close cousin. But since this is anonymous I think I can tell the story here.

A was born a rich boy. He has everything he wants in this world. I am by birth a very very jealous person but there was never once that i felt jealous of him. We are the same age and find each other a great play date. Most of the time.Growing up I never thought of him any bad ways but recently things got out of hands, a lot.

He has a lot kind of obsessions. I couldn't name all here but let me tell you his obsessions are a real waste of money. I know when someone has a hobby and they are dedicated to it but his ways are wrong.

He is still studying and he already spent close to RM10k for his 'hobby items'. And where does all this money comes from? His parents. Until this age, 22, he still don't understand how hard it is to earn money. He doesn't have any obligations in life. He has a car but doesn't need to pay for the petrol. Heck, the car was bought with cash by his parents too.

He only worked once, for a day and he counts that as working experience. Whenever he needs something, he will just say a few words to his parents and his parents will give the money to buy whatever he wants. Even for his money-wasting 'hobby'. They actually encouraged him!!

I feel it's so wrong for parents to spoil their kids like that!!! He doesn't understand how hard is it to earn money from a secure job. Even if you are rich (seriously his family is averagely rich, not awesomely rich), you still need to learn the facts of life and money won't rain down on you like that when you are alone in the future!!

And the worst part is, he thinks he is the most unlucky and sad person in the world. He is so depressed sometimes I feel like asking him, WHY ARE YOU SO DEPRESSED? WHAT ARE YOU DEPRESSING ABOUT???

Sigh. Am I being jealous or just rational? At one point I feel really sad for him because he cannot work for Christ sake. His attitude is too proud and snobbish. His future employer will fire him in a month! But another part of me says, serves him right for being a brat at this age!

Hmm.. I guess I can stick my nose to other people's business too much. I will just let him be. Maybe he is lucky enough that everyone likes him in the working world and he will not have any problem with the future at all. Time will only tell.

My bf is Movie Freak

I have this very amazing boyfriend. He is my 1st bf ever, and he used to be a nerd. But now he looks so handsome, and he is very friendly, very ambitious, he knows what he wants, he has his target, goals and all. I can say, this is the man i want as my husband. Its gotta be him.

But 1 thing i really really hate about him. EVERY SINGLE TIME we went out, we MUST, REALLY REALLY have to watch movie. NO MATTER HOW LATE IT IS, even if the movie he wanted to watch is not available, we would watch even cartoon.

Man! I'm a busy person, a seller and a student. I love looking for business opportunity and watching movie is really wasting time (for me). Even if the story is nice, i got something better to do!

I\'ve told him many times that i think its a waste of time and money, but he will make that annoying-sad-face! Grrrr!

May 23, 2010


For starters, there is this guy, I used to be in a relationship with this guy. I really do love him and he loves me too. We are a couple that people call "the perfect couple". we hangout together, talk about everything and do pretty much everything. Everyone that knows us always say that we are perfect for each other. I almost believed that everything is going to be A-okay.

But, the problem is we have different religion. We both came from a strong belief in our religion, but we never make it a problem for us to enjoy life.

Until when his family starts to find out about our relationship, they strongly were against it until they pushed him into breaking up with me. I was devastated but i stayed strong because of him, he was giving me hope that one day we would be together. I was holding on to this invisible string for quite a while but i am okay with it.

Until! one of his siblings starts to make our relationship public by telling all the people that i was rejected by their family, that i am not good enough for them. I was so mad and embarrassed that i started to be mad at him which made our relationship becomes more cold. And what hurts me the most is that he didn't even fight for me.

This goes to show that we were not the so called "perfect couple"

I Hate You

Hate my mom's brother and his entire family!!! The father molested me when I was 8 and his son is trying to have his way with me! What am I??? Do I look like a whore to you?! I hope you die and burn in HELL!

May 21, 2010

Twisted Tangled

I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy. But sometimes having a relationship with a wonderful guy doesn't mean you have a wonderful relationship. I have been dying to share my feeling with my friend but I don't want them to have the wrong impression about me. What is worse than being a wh!#e in the eyes of your friend. So I keep it bottled up.

There is this one guy I used to go out before my current bf. We are like friends with benefits. I stop picking up his calls for 2 years. But one day I had a bad fight with my bf and at the right time he called. So I agreed to go out for supper with him. One thing leads to another. And now I keep seeing him. I can't stop. He is no doubt the best lover I ever had. But I love my bf. I'm twisted, tangled! I don't know what to do now. Imagine one person offer you cash $1mil and on the other hand a lottery ticket that will surely win the same amount.

What will you do if you are me?

I'm A Call Girl

I met A in a friend's birthday party not too long ago. Exchanged phone numbers, went out on few dates. We became an item.Everything went well. He was sweet and all. I thought he was into me. Well I can say I am.

Few weeks later I start to smell something fishy. Something was wrong. Every time I suggest that we should go to the cinema he would give excuses by saying he was tired, he got work to finished up, etc.. Instead he invited me to his house. We never do anything and never go anywhere aside from being in his room and went for dinner. Even dinner was somewhere really nearby. I never spend overnight at his home. NEVER!

So I tried to dig up. And at last I found out that he was actually pursuing his friend while seeing me. Im no more than a call girl to him. Then we broke up. I found out that he was never actually into me.