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Sep 2, 2010

Horny Vs Committed Who win?

One night stand is pretty common. I seriously, can't understand how can a guy separate their lovey dovey commitment feeling with their horny and spermanizer attitude???
I admitted that I had one night stand before. Twice. The second one was a mistake. I was drunk and I was in a gay bar. How am I supposed to know that straight guy find their target in GAY bar as well!. Cut story short we contacted. Not much.Say hi every now and then. And then suddenly out of nowhere his status in Facebook change. He is in a relationship. When I asked he said he is serious with his current GF. I mean that fast????? He just had his fun with me less than a month and now in a committed relationship? Funny. And I tried to flirt with him forking out details. Conversation goes like this:
Me: Hey, now you have a gf already, so I can't see you anymore?
Him: Why not?
Me: I don't know. Are you serious with your gf?
Him: Yea.
Me: Will you sleep with me in the future?
Him: I will.
Me: I thought you are serious with that girl?
Him: Yes, but I don't want to dissapoint you.
Me: Ooookay~~~ So you won't disappoint me but it is okay to disappoint your gf?
Him: I scared you will be angry.

After that conversation I left speechless. Seriously! speechless! Sorry but I have to use this.. WTF is wrong with that guy?! Seriously. Where all the good men went? They exticnt already?

She Was So Shocked

The Juice I woke up quite late today, around 2 something. My bf called me and asked me to get ready and we were going to have lunch. I took a shower, but then got no time to dry my hair. After I finished my shower, my bf had been waiting with his friend (let's call him as ABC) in ABC's car.
So I have to be fast, really fast. I wore clothes, took my bag. My hair was still so wet. I couldn't find my small towel so I just opened the wardrobe and grabbed something - which was a tube. A white tube. I planned to dry or at least wipe my wet hair during the time when we were on the way to the restaurant. We arrived - I left the "towel" inside the car.
But when I back home, I forgot to take the "towel" and left it in the car. OMG. Here it is.
My bf back to his home. Then ABC was going to pick his girlfriend up. Could you imagine how shocked his gf was.... A tube inside her bf car! OMG. ABC called me and asked whether it was mine and I said Yes, and sooooo sorry. It was soooo embarrassing..
I guess I have no face to meet them anymore. The fact that I use a tube as a towel was the stupidest thing I've ever done. I apologize to ABC and his gf and they said it's okay. ABC told me that his gf was so shocked and I could read if she almost mad at him. (=.=)||| FML..

Jul 7, 2010

Pubic Hair Anyone?

This is not my secret but I just to let my anger our anonymously.

I am a student. I rent a room and share toilet with others. All of us in the unit are girls but the others I supposed are aliens or some kind of Orang Utan! They don't know how to clean the bathroom after they used it. Worse still they don't even care if they leave their PUBIC HAIR every where! I talked to them few times on this matter. But it sems that they don't understand human language! 
It really disgust me every morning to have to see their PUBIC HAIR sitting on the toilet seat! It seem to interfere with my morning call as well. Disgusting girls!!!

Buyer trying to con Seller?

Squirting Juices said: 
Babe your stories supposed to be published in Slap  Me Why Dont You. Will email he on your behalf :)

Story of my life

 Is it only me? I usually do not tell people my secrets. Well, of course. Duh.
Well, I'm not a virgin. And I don't really want the whole world to know about it.
Its not something to be proud of.
But when I do tell it to a friend. Someone I think I can trust.
Occasionally, when topics like these come up, she'll always go like,
"Oops! I forgot you're not a virgin" or "Haha, not like you, so experienced." in like such a sarcastic way. Or when I said something that offended her, she'll dig up my stories and use it against me.
Sigh. Story of my life.

Jun 30, 2010

Seriously Confused

I seriously don't know what to do. It's not a big problem actually. But.. here it is.
I have a guy friend. He just moved to Singapore to work. Well when I met him last few months, he kinda changed. The way he dressed, the way he talked. Previously back in my hometown (my high school friend) he dressed normally. As in not too outstanding that make you think he is gay.

He never talked about being in a relationship with any girl. Well I don't mind him being gay but if he is really gay, why he hide?? Come on! I am his best friend well for 10 years now!! For how long he can hide right? (If he is gay) I don't really know whether he is gay but all the clues leads to gay!! His facebook album pictures. NONE of them are girls! And all of them look gay!!! Gosh! And after our first meeting he always give excuses not to go out with me! Then back in college, he said he got gay admirers! As in stalker! I don't know if I am wrong or right, but so far gay guys only go after gay as well right?

I don't want to lose my friend. Please la if you are reading this, well he might... Just admit it!!! I can live with that and I will be happy if you are happy too! I AM YOUR FRIEND! I don't care that you are gay! ( Well I do, I'll try to adjust then) ARGHH!!!!


If I write the whole stories it will take a full page. Cut story short my bf helped me moved out last few weeks, Btw, my bf helps his dad in their family business. So in order to help me he have to lie to his father. And they caught him lying.
I understand if parents give comments on who their kids should date and just move on when the kid don't want to accept. But my boyfriend parents, especially dad, sabotaging my relationship by telling my boyfriend that he will find him some one new if he don't broke up with me. My oh my how much they hate me. 
Last time, whenever there were family events, I will be invited and I will be in the family pictures as well. But since shit happens they took down all the family photos that have my face in it.
Well, I think thats too much! You are not gonna accept me, well we see who wins! Dammit it! Why should this thing happen to me?!

Jun 18, 2010


I find it funny that the popular girls back from high school all turned out to be dumpy women now even though they're just in their early twenties. In retrospect, those who were less popular/geeky/or even ugly turned out to be hotties now. I'm glad I belong to the latter group and not the former one ;p

Jun 17, 2010


 Men will have wonderful wife by their side. To be there for them mentally and physically. In the end men will still go for bitches.

No offence to men or any wonderful wife but I've seen enough, bitches are just more attractive. And men will always be men with sperms to donate.

Jun 16, 2010

Hate It

I hate it when guys keep staring. I find it damn irritating! It's like they are trying to harassed you with that F!@#ing eyes! If you are interested in our boobs, our legs or whichever body parts you find to be arousing then please do it secretly! Will you like it if other guy stare at your sister or your mother the same way?

I Will Regret If I Don't

I've known this guy since 2007. I was once interested in him, but I had no clue why nothing happen. It so happened that he YM me last night asking for a hug. And I jokingly replied "ok come if you dare" ( he was engaged). He took it seriously. One thing led to another he actually wanted to see me and .... with me. Well, previously he had the chance to do it when we went for holiday alone. And both of us weren't attached. But he didn't. He said he 'love' me too much to do it with me.

Cut story short, I asked him why he suddenly wanted to make love to me and he said " he scared he will regret if he didn't do it before he got married"

Well some thinking there huh?
You can never reason guys out when it come to sex.

Jun 11, 2010

My Puppy Love Story

I had this BF way back in form 3. Yea.. puppy love they said. Well it took all the courage I had to actually wrote him a letter but I didn't put my name. It was anonymous. When I think about it now it was kinda funny. 

Well this guy was definitely not cutest but he is smart. 
I asked my friend to pass the letter to him in the morning and he will pass his reply back to my friend in the afternoon. We did this for almost 2 months. Then he tried to find out who I was. Of course it wasn't hard. I sat on few tables in front of him in the class =P. Next day after he found out who I was he actually bought me chocolates and a rose and put it under my desk. I was thrilled. It was my first love and I got it. We were together for few months. After form 3 he had to move to other state due to his parents job. I was devastated. In those days I have no internet connection at home and handphones were meant for adults only. So we communicate through snail mail. 
He sent me letter through my friend's address because whenever his parents saw my name they will throw his letter away. But after few months everything changed. His letters become lesser and lesser. One day I received a letter saying he wanted to break up. He said he was never that into me in the first place. Once more I got devastated. I cried for hours. He said he accepted me previously because he was afraid if he didn't, we couldn't be friends any longer. And he don't want those awkward moment. Since that day onwards I started to hate him. To me if you have another girl just tell. There is no need to find dumbass excuse.

Guess what, now it has been 7 years and he searched for my Facebook account. He didn't add any of our high school friends. Only me.
Though I don't really care but I'm happy to know that he failed in his current relationship. And I'm glad I can rub his face with all my gorgeous pictures in Facebook! 
Serve you right asshole!

Jun 10, 2010

His Stash

I've been keeping this for quite sometime already. Until I found out about this site. My BF and I have been together almost 3 years. We have been through a lot. He even popped out the question last month and we are planning for our big day next year. Yes, we slept together. I would say we had a great bedroom moment but I just don't understand why he still buy porn movies?!

When I confronted him he said we have no problem. But if there is no problem, if he was satisfied why he need those porns??

I'm Busy People

 I have this friend who is working oversea. She usually helps us to buy branded stuff like Gucci, LV, and coach online and send it over to Malaysia. We actually paid her extra just to tell her we appreciate her help since we can get the stuff cheaper than retail. But recently she refused to help by saying she is busy with work. In the end we found out that she actually set up an online blog to help people doing pre order.

Come on, if you want to sell to us according to the price you quote then just tell. There is no point on being so secretive. You want to do business we understand. Sigh....

Jun 7, 2010


 I hate me when I see you as a slut.
 I can't help it when that's how you make me feel. How much more do you think I can keep when all I wish for is to be far away from you! 
 It's hard to be home when home is a hell.
Tell me that everyone have their secret.Is yours same as mine? 

So that I feel I'm not alone. 
So that I know it is not unlucky.
Make me believe I'm one of you.
Tell me I'm not alone.