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Jun 11, 2010

My Puppy Love Story

I had this BF way back in form 3. Yea.. puppy love they said. Well it took all the courage I had to actually wrote him a letter but I didn't put my name. It was anonymous. When I think about it now it was kinda funny. 

Well this guy was definitely not cutest but he is smart. 
I asked my friend to pass the letter to him in the morning and he will pass his reply back to my friend in the afternoon. We did this for almost 2 months. Then he tried to find out who I was. Of course it wasn't hard. I sat on few tables in front of him in the class =P. Next day after he found out who I was he actually bought me chocolates and a rose and put it under my desk. I was thrilled. It was my first love and I got it. We were together for few months. After form 3 he had to move to other state due to his parents job. I was devastated. In those days I have no internet connection at home and handphones were meant for adults only. So we communicate through snail mail. 
He sent me letter through my friend's address because whenever his parents saw my name they will throw his letter away. But after few months everything changed. His letters become lesser and lesser. One day I received a letter saying he wanted to break up. He said he was never that into me in the first place. Once more I got devastated. I cried for hours. He said he accepted me previously because he was afraid if he didn't, we couldn't be friends any longer. And he don't want those awkward moment. Since that day onwards I started to hate him. To me if you have another girl just tell. There is no need to find dumbass excuse.

Guess what, now it has been 7 years and he searched for my Facebook account. He didn't add any of our high school friends. Only me.
Though I don't really care but I'm happy to know that he failed in his current relationship. And I'm glad I can rub his face with all my gorgeous pictures in Facebook! 
Serve you right asshole!


  1. What a lame excuse. Not so into you but bought you chocolates and flowers haha. funnay guy. I'm glad you're able to rub it all over his face too!


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