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Jun 16, 2010

Hate It

I hate it when guys keep staring. I find it damn irritating! It's like they are trying to harassed you with that F!@#ing eyes! If you are interested in our boobs, our legs or whichever body parts you find to be arousing then please do it secretly! Will you like it if other guy stare at your sister or your mother the same way?


  1. maybe cause clothing too revealing? -.-' can't blame guy sometimes. i'm saying this as a girl POV.

  2. wow, u must be damn that what u wanna hear?

  3. what is wrong with being revealing? Staring IS rude. Having glances are complimentary, but STARING??? Really? In the States that IS sexual harrasment. DUH. So what, are we suppose to conceal ourselves because THEY can't control their manners? It's totally different if you're wearing a bikini to church la. >_> DUH PEOPLE


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