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Jun 16, 2010

I Will Regret If I Don't

I've known this guy since 2007. I was once interested in him, but I had no clue why nothing happen. It so happened that he YM me last night asking for a hug. And I jokingly replied "ok come if you dare" ( he was engaged). He took it seriously. One thing led to another he actually wanted to see me and .... with me. Well, previously he had the chance to do it when we went for holiday alone. And both of us weren't attached. But he didn't. He said he 'love' me too much to do it with me.

Cut story short, I asked him why he suddenly wanted to make love to me and he said " he scared he will regret if he didn't do it before he got married"

Well some thinking there huh?
You can never reason guys out when it come to sex.


  1. Erm, cheapskate much?
    He asked for sex and you just gave it to him like that. The "I love you too much to do it with you" is obviously a poor excuse for trying to get you into bed. And you fell for it.. tsk tsk tsk
    If he really loves you, the person he should be getting married to now won't be his current fiancee right?

  2. They always think with their dick

  3. some guy. some girl. heh.

  4. Sigh a guy who cheats is never worth keeping. Hate it when a third party actually goes ahead in it, I hope you didn't sleep with the asshole!

  5. Didit or not.. He's not one to keep, even for flings.

    You would be shaken, broken, shattered if he is with you yet does it with another woman (that is, he is still engaged!)

    Worse, karma bites so... dun commit to such stuff lah..

  6. Dude read properly lah. She said they didn't do it *rolls eyes*


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