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Jun 18, 2010


I find it funny that the popular girls back from high school all turned out to be dumpy women now even though they're just in their early twenties. In retrospect, those who were less popular/geeky/or even ugly turned out to be hotties now. I'm glad I belong to the latter group and not the former one ;p


  1. Yea!!! Me too :p hahaha. All those popular girls back in secondary school turn out to be not so pretty as well. I wonder why... hmmm....

  2. I think so too!

  3. LOL I've been a 'hottie' ever since highschool, but before from3 I was an ugly duckling so I bloomed and kept on blooming till now (yes, I'm a hottie 'elder' LOL kidding).

    I'm in uni and I can still tell if nerds were nerds back then. You can't hide it from the miniskirts and makeup girls, we 'elders' can sniff you a mile away because we just have that much experience. Not trying to sound bitchy, but it's just how it is. But it is sad to see fallens. Haha


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