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Jun 30, 2010


If I write the whole stories it will take a full page. Cut story short my bf helped me moved out last few weeks, Btw, my bf helps his dad in their family business. So in order to help me he have to lie to his father. And they caught him lying.
I understand if parents give comments on who their kids should date and just move on when the kid don't want to accept. But my boyfriend parents, especially dad, sabotaging my relationship by telling my boyfriend that he will find him some one new if he don't broke up with me. My oh my how much they hate me. 
Last time, whenever there were family events, I will be invited and I will be in the family pictures as well. But since shit happens they took down all the family photos that have my face in it.
Well, I think thats too much! You are not gonna accept me, well we see who wins! Dammit it! Why should this thing happen to me?!

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  1. wow was there anything you did to have caused this much hate to the family?


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