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Jun 30, 2010

Seriously Confused

I seriously don't know what to do. It's not a big problem actually. But.. here it is.
I have a guy friend. He just moved to Singapore to work. Well when I met him last few months, he kinda changed. The way he dressed, the way he talked. Previously back in my hometown (my high school friend) he dressed normally. As in not too outstanding that make you think he is gay.

He never talked about being in a relationship with any girl. Well I don't mind him being gay but if he is really gay, why he hide?? Come on! I am his best friend well for 10 years now!! For how long he can hide right? (If he is gay) I don't really know whether he is gay but all the clues leads to gay!! His facebook album pictures. NONE of them are girls! And all of them look gay!!! Gosh! And after our first meeting he always give excuses not to go out with me! Then back in college, he said he got gay admirers! As in stalker! I don't know if I am wrong or right, but so far gay guys only go after gay as well right?

I don't want to lose my friend. Please la if you are reading this, well he might... Just admit it!!! I can live with that and I will be happy if you are happy too! I AM YOUR FRIEND! I don't care that you are gay! ( Well I do, I'll try to adjust then) ARGHH!!!!

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  1. instead of waiting for him to confess he's gay(or not?) why don't you make the first move by confronting him :P maybe he's afraid that if he tells you that he's gay(that is, if he really is one)you'll reject him and distance yourself from him. I would think he wouldn't want anything to happen to the friendship since it's a;lready been 10 years. That's a heck a lot of years okay! + You did mention you'll need time to adjust/adapt if it turns out that's he really is one. So I'm guessing maybe he's just as afraid as you are :P

    Second, I don't really know a lot of gay guys but I would think they'd spare a crush on anyone they fancy just like us heteros hehe. I mean how can one tell another person is gay in the first place?You can't just go around willy nilly calling another person gay just from the exterior or how they dress/look/talk rite?(unless you're sure they are) That doesn't seem fair.

    Point is, go la confront and talkie talkie to him hehe.

    good luck.


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